Player POY Points
Durby 11
Ben 11
Barker 9
Annette 8
Raymond 8
Rudy 7
Mike P. 6
Guido 5
Jim 5
Lenny 5
Sarah 5
Renee 4
Pat 4
Harold 3
Ron © 3
Ed 3
Tim 2
Jon 1
Greg 1
Pete 1
Bob 1
Zoran 1
Cory 1
Ted 1
G / Dave K. 1
Angie 1
Mark B. 1

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Friday February 22nd @ 7:30 P.M.
$25 Buy-In / $15,000 Chips
1 Re-Buy Chip / POY Points 
Three $20 February Seats






Rudy & Annette Won The First Two $100 Seats For Our Spring Poker Classic Next Month

                          riverroom2.jpg     MainPage/scoop5.jpg   Welcome To The Scoop

Cool It's Championship Weekend At The Club, Any Member Who Has Played a February Tournament Is Eligible To Buy-In Championship Saturday, Don't Have a Tourney In Yet? You Still Have Friday's Event To Qualify You For Championship Saturday With The Winner Guaranteed $650 And Runner Up $500  Along With Two $100 Spring Classic Seats To Win And Don't Forget Saturday's Top Two Earn 4 Player Of The Year Points That Could Get You In The Race Or Pad Your Lead!



 We Got 8 Players Now And Need 8 More To Get A WSOP League Going So A Couple Of Members Can Be In Vegas For This Years WSOP, Were Running Out Of Time To Get It Going In March. Click Above For The Details And Register Or Get A Hold Of Bob ASAP If You Can Play It!
So Far We Got: Bob-Angie-Harold-Jim-Annette-Durby-Ben-Sarah   WE NEED 8 MORE ASAP  MainPage/Pre-RegisterNow2.jpg


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